Transpersonal Coaching with Trust Medical Recruitment

What is Transpersonal Coaching?

As a doctor you may be used to psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and many other professional mental health practitioners who use logic, reason and prescriptions to help counsel individuals.

I work in a different realm. I offer my services to you as a Transpersonal Coach. This is simply an invitation to go deeper than the mind, reaching to the heart and soul – coaching on a holistic level.

That may sound a bit deep and meaningful, even airy-fairy perhaps. But you would be surprised just how many people are reaching out for coaching these days on personal, professional and executive levels, and how they are benefiting from the rewards it can reap.

How can Transpersonal Coaching help you?

Transpersonal Coaching with Jessica Fryett-Tigges - Trust Medical RecruitmentI can vouch for the empowering effects of Transpersonal Coaching and have found it profoundly rewarding. I will share my story with you.

After studying a Business degree and travelling to over 27 countries, I relocated to Australia from the UK six years ago.

For five years I worked as a Medical Recruitment Consultant in the corporate world where I was consistently put under pressure to achieve high targets. I felt that my compassionate and empathic side was supressed for bottom-line profits. I was stressed, anxious and tired, and this was compounded by living away from my family and support network.

It was at this stage I signed up for the Transpersonal Coaching Diploma, in which I experienced coaching myself as part of the course. Two years later I have given up the high-pressure city job, a three-hour daily commute and the security of employment to start my own business and offer my services to what I truly believe in.

The coaching allowed me to listen to what “I” really needed, and to make adjustments and sacrifices towards a bigger goal and purpose. I also have a deeper acceptance of myself and more harmonious personal and professional relationships.

Moreover the coaching gave me the courage and self-belief to take a leap of faith. I am in service to you, and ready to offer my integrated strengths in the form of Trust Medical Recruitment and Trust Transpersonal Coaching.

I have experience in coaching business professionals as well as marginalised disadvantaged people. I continue my professional development through self-work, reading and research, and professional bodies such as The ICF and Institute of Transpersonal Coaching.

What can you expect as a client?

In Transpersonal Coaching it’s ALL about you as the client.

Your coaching sessions can be goal oriented, as usually clients have an objective they want to work on from the start. If not we can explore what issues are present to give the coaching a direction.

Experience what it is like:

  • To be listened to at a deep level
  • Sense that you have been “heard” for what you’ve shared
  • Feel understood

In this day and age, that is pretty rare and special!

I will facilitate our sessions at your pace, in a confidentially safe space, either one-to-one or via Skype. I recommened to have a set of four to six sessions, with at least one session a fortnight. Each session can last an hour to an hour and a half, if needed.

How Transpersonal Coaching works

Coaching is available to anyone who has something that is “an issue” such as:

  • Migrating from your home country and settling in to a new culture
  • Professional and personal relationships
  • Achieving a healthy work life balance
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Self-care, self-love and acceptance
  • Health and fitness; money and finance; relationships, family and love life; social life and fun; work and career; spirituality.

The beauty with Trust Transpersonal Coaching is, there is no level to be at and you will not be judged. All you need to bring to a session is the willingness to be open and to invite positive and rewarding change.

I am not here to tell you what to do or who to be in this world. Simply put, I’m here to pitch the signposts of questioning along your journey to what your true self is calling for you to do, so it becomes clearer, allowing you to progressively move towards creating the best possible version of yourself in this life. I use a variety of tools and methods learnt through my training and ongoing continuing professional development.

This empowering journey will enable you to believe in yourself and that anything is possible. If you’re already there, you may reach your goals faster or have someone to hold you accountable for your dreams. This is a completely personalized, one-to-one service delivered with compassion, trust and authenticity.
References and testimonials are available.

If this resonates with you and would like more information, please contact Jessica Fryett-Tigges on 0420 752 665.