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Tomoko Kagura

Category : Coaching

Jessica is a very friendly, approachable and sincerely nice person. During our coaching sessions I found Jessica to be a very good listener, gentle and empathic.
She created a space where I can relax and talk about anything. Jessica made me feel that she will be there for me all the way on my journey. I felt that I was accepted without any judgement, which encouraged me to move forward.

To me coaching is the best method to transform your life by creating awareness, changing consciousness and having different perceptions. Jessica brings all these qualities forth in her coaching. I have no doubt that she will support you on your journey to go all the way.

– Tomoko Kagura


Janice Hogg

Category : Coaching

I was looking to expand my horizons in my business and develop a new lifestyle but was stuck in an unfulfilling routine and finding it difficult to see where to start.

I found Jessica’s questions quickly helped me clarify the direction I wanted to take and to sort out the priorities for action.

Jessica was empathetic and really understood where I was coming from. Her questions were perceptive and intuitive and really helped me clarify my goals and identify the major stepping stones to achieving them.

After just a couple of coaching sessions I found myself quite clear about what actions I needed to take and it was easy to get going.

I wasn’t sure that transpersonal coaching would help so I was really surprised at how effective it proved. It was so helpful to have an objective observer to guide me through making changes. And, really, the coaching process applies just as well to business goals as to personal growth.

Jessica is a very effective coach and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is keen to make the move to a more fulfilling way of life.

– Janice Hogg


Dr Ravindra Abeysekera

Category : Candidates

From the time I contacted Jessica Fryett-Tigges with regard to employment as a Doctor in Australia, she had been very cordial to me in detailing the process accurately and guiding me effectively and efficiently. I think she is highly knowledgeable in this field and more so trustworthy and reliable when it comes to helping an IMG. This I appreciate her guidance very much and I am sure she will be of immense value to many foreign doctors who seek employment in Australia in the future.

– Dr Ravindra Abeysekera
Ravindra Abeysekera District Medical Officer at Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.