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Manchester GP

Category : Candidates

I was aware from talking with friends and research on the net quite what a complicated and time consuming process applying to work in Australia can be. With a young family and busy with work it seemed to make sense to find an agency with experience in the process to take pressure of myself in terms of what needed to be done to get to that all important job in Australia.

I was apprehensive about the process as it seemed very daunting……………

From my initial Skype conversation with Jessica I felt very at ease with her and felt she gained a good understanding about what I was looking for in a post in Australia
She had a few immediate suggestions for me with a fantastic amount of information on each of the posts which allowed me to have a better idea of what options were out there.
Jessica was fantastic at directing me through the onerous task of getting registered to practice in the UK with simplistic emails to prompt me as what I needed to do next etc and chasing things up on my behalf in Australia. This was all invaluable as I imagine trying to keep on top of it whilst working in the UK with family etc would mean my application for registration would still be in progress now!

As a family we have settled in to life in Australia well and are already enjoying the outdoor lifestyle as we hoped we would. It’s been a great change from the UK trying to pick which beach to try each weekend! It’s all been a very exciting journey.

It seems very daunting when you first start looking at making the move but I felt with Jessica having a very hands on approach to getting me through all the registration process (as well as finding me a position in a fantastically friendly practice) it really was much simpler than I could have hoped for it to be.
The lifestyle of being a GP here is hugely different to that in the UK and it’s been great to experience that.

– GP from Manchester relocating to NSW


Dr David Greaves

Category : Candidates

A colleague from my GP training scheme relocated to Australia a year before me and used Trust Medical Recruitment. He highly recommended them. I was busy working as a salaried GP in the UK and wanted someone to help and guide me through the numerous steps in registering as a GP in Australia and securing a position. I was quite confused about the process but excited about the opportunities available in Australia.

I found the help and guidance from Trust Medical Recruitment invaluable. I was helped though each stage of the applications and felt the job search was very personalised. I found the knowledge and honesty about the pros and cons of different positions really helpful in making my final decision in selecting a job.

Thanks to Trust Medical Recruitment the process went really smoothly. I was worried it was all too good to be true but I’m now settled into my practice and thoroughly enjoying it.

– Dr David Greaves


Annie J

Category : Candidates

Few years ago, I was putting in my application online in the hope of getting a job in Australia. Jessica was the first one to email me. I have been consistently impressed and grateful since the first day she called me. She supported me all the way, from finding an employer, passing my PESCi and even Visa preparation. She is very approachable and available every time I have questions and concerns, she is just an email away. I am so lucky I found her, she never gave up on me until I got the job. Finding me a very good supportive employer is a bonus! I could not thank her enough.

I only corresponded with her through email and phone calls. I wish to meet her one day so I can thank her in person.

– Annie J


Dr. Gaya Ekanayake 

Category : Candidates

One of my friends introduced Jessica to me when I was hopeless in job hunting in Australia. She genuinely helped me to find a suitable position to work as a GP in Australia. She was with me during my whole process guiding me efficiently and accurately. She is well experienced and highly knowledgeable in this field and I got immense benefits because of that. I understood that I selected the most talented, experienced and most importantly trustworthy agent in the field. I highly appreciate her support and guidance throughout my journey of becoming a GP in Australia. I recommend her to all IMG Doctors who are searching jobs in Australia.

– Dr. Gaya Ekanayake



Murtza Ali Jaipurwala, Anchor Medical Pty Ltd

Category : Clients

I have known Jessica for over 4 years, she has helped me recruit GP’s for my Brisbane based practices.

Jessica comes across as an honest, diligent and trustworthy person who I would happily engage for recruiting GPs for my existing practices and planned new practices.

Murtza Ali Jaipurwala
Anchor Medical Pty Ltd


Tomoko Kagura

Category : Coaching

Jessica is a very friendly, approachable and sincerely nice person. During our coaching sessions I found Jessica to be a very good listener, gentle and empathic.
She created a space where I can relax and talk about anything. Jessica made me feel that she will be there for me all the way on my journey. I felt that I was accepted without any judgement, which encouraged me to move forward.

To me coaching is the best method to transform your life by creating awareness, changing consciousness and having different perceptions. Jessica brings all these qualities forth in her coaching. I have no doubt that she will support you on your journey to go all the way.

– Tomoko Kagura


Janice Hogg

Category : Coaching

I was looking to expand my horizons in my business and develop a new lifestyle but was stuck in an unfulfilling routine and finding it difficult to see where to start.

I found Jessica’s questions quickly helped me clarify the direction I wanted to take and to sort out the priorities for action.

Jessica was empathetic and really understood where I was coming from. Her questions were perceptive and intuitive and really helped me clarify my goals and identify the major stepping stones to achieving them.

After just a couple of coaching sessions I found myself quite clear about what actions I needed to take and it was easy to get going.

I wasn’t sure that transpersonal coaching would help so I was really surprised at how effective it proved. It was so helpful to have an objective observer to guide me through making changes. And, really, the coaching process applies just as well to business goals as to personal growth.

Jessica is a very effective coach and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is keen to make the move to a more fulfilling way of life.

– Janice Hogg


Dr Ravindra Abeysekera

Category : Candidates

From the time I contacted Jessica Fryett-Tigges with regard to employment as a Doctor in Australia, she had been very cordial to me in detailing the process accurately and guiding me effectively and efficiently. I think she is highly knowledgeable in this field and more so trustworthy and reliable when it comes to helping an IMG. This I appreciate her guidance very much and I am sure she will be of immense value to many foreign doctors who seek employment in Australia in the future.

– Dr Ravindra Abeysekera
Ravindra Abeysekera District Medical Officer at Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.